Northbay Sunspace, Inc. BBB Business Review

Northbay Sunspace, Inc.

General Contractor - Sunrooms, patio covers, room additions, windows, doors, and decks. 

"Celebrating our 39th year!"   License # B-337713  

Building and Installation

Our installers and builders have decades of experience in the field constructing sunrooms, patio covers, pergolas, awnings and decks. They also specialize in framing, window and door a placement, as well as electrical. All of our builders are trained employees, not subcontractors. Our building an installation teams do not have jobs, they have careers. They're true professionals and it shows in every single one of our completed projects. 

General Construction

Northbay Sunspace, Inc. is a licensed general contractor. We choose to specialize in sunrooms and patio covers, but we are more than capable and qualified to tackle any residential or commercial project. If a sun room or a patio cover is on your list of future projects, but there are other projects you'd like to pursue as well, Northbay Sunspace is up to the task. Services include framing, glazing, glass replacement, custom glass projects, and pressure washing.

Free Estimates and Design Consultations

Let us show you the many products we can work with and find out which ones will best suite your needs. Every single one of our projects is custom tailored to the needs of the customer. Our goal when we visit your home is to educate you on the many options you have when thinking about transforming your home or yard. All of our free estimates and design consultations are done by our ownership, as we do not employ commissioned salespeople. 

707 - 769 - 8553

Sunroom Repair and Maintenance.

Sunrooms have been around for a long time. Many Sunrooms in the Bay Area are more than 30 years old. That being said, sometimes they need a little love. From repairing damaged windows and doors, resealing rooms with new silicon, replacing broken and weathered glass, we can do it all. Many handymen are not qualified to perform maintenance on Sunrooms. The employees that handle all of our maintenance and repairs are the same ones that have been building them from the ground up for many years.